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Our Guide to survive the Wedding Show season

So, you’re engaged! Now what? Chances are you, your mum, your girlfriends, are probably starting to research which wedding shows to go to so I have decided to write a few tips to make your next journey through a bridal show a successful one.

  1. Pen & Paper

Seriously. A bridal show can have up to 200 stands, all vying for your contact information and wedding details. You will snap away on your camera but afterwards you drive yourself for not writing any information down!

  1. Communication is golden.

Have a clear idea of your likes and more importantly your dislikes. This will help you narrow down your best suppliers and make your job easier. Even take some samples with you to show what you have in mind

  1. Bring your A-Team to the show.

If the wedding show is held in a large hall you will be caught off guard so surround yourself with the people you care about and add sensible comments and even a bit a few reality checks!

  1. Do you have a shopping list?

It is worth sitting down beforehand to make a list of the ideas and suppliers you are looking to find at the show OR to maybe engage with people you have spoken to already.

  1. Map out your trip.

Take some time and really look at the website of the show where you can find all the information you need, investigate who is exhibiting and have a look at what they do. Make a note of the stand numbers you want to visit and have a schedule. Time runs out very quickly!

Most importantly have fun!

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